SPIRIT LAKE, Idaho—One local women’s love for Halloween has really blown up over the years.

Debbie Bendig has always had a love for Halloween. She said her favorite memories include her running around in New York in costume and trick-or-treating during her childhood.

Now she covers her 11 acre Idaho property with Halloween decorations. She used costumes, decorations and her favorite: inflatable Halloween characters. Eighty-five inflatable Halloween characters to be exact.

“I just started collecting them and everybody saw and added them to my birthday gifts. And here we are, 85 pieces later,” said Bendig.

Bendig said she loves Halloween for many reasons.

“It’s spooky, I love it. Adults love it. Kids love it, I mean you get to be somebody you’re not for the day,” said Bendig.

Every year the scene at her home looks different. She said she arranges the decorations in different stories and themes every year.

“Every year is something different. Everyone will go somewhere different. I’m thinking next year I’ll arrange the witches with the cats so it’s like they’re cat ladies,” said Bendig.

Bendig said it takes about a month to set everything up. Once everything is in place she said it’s like babysitting the inflatable characters when the weather gets windy.

“A little wind brings them to life, but if it gets too I have to deflate them all,” said Bendig.

Bendig said her decorations have been bringing more and more people to her out of town home to take a look, and even trick-or-treat.