Inside the KREM 2 newsroom, hidden underneath a desk, is box of treasures to Steve Cromwell.

Old photos of the KREM 2 News team Cromwell remembers watching on TV in the 1980s.

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Also there in the 80's and even earlier on, was his dad Chuck Cromwell, a production and audio technician at KREM.

"Here's my dad back in the 60s, obviously you could smoke at work so he's out there broadcasting at the diamond cup on Lake Coeur d'Alene," said Cromwell as he looked through old pictures at KREM.

He remembers his visits to the station as a child.

"I feel like a master control was here," he said pointing to an area inside the KREM studio.

"When I would walk in there, there would be that certain smell of the electronic tubes and everything that was just fascinating to me as a kid," he said.

However, what made the memories so special was seeing his dad.

"This would be the window right here that he would wave at us to let us know that he to almost be ready to come out so we could take him home," said Cromwell as he toured inside the KREM engineering department.

In 2014 Cromwell was cruising through YouTube one night.

"I noticed other local television stations had some older clips on them," he said. "I'm like, I wonder if I could find some old KREM clips."

He was able to find them, but he wondered where all the old video was coming from and if could he find some of his dad.

"Then I realized you know what? I bet there's a bunch of his work out there, old VHS or beta tapes that of been sitting around for years," said Cromwell.

Right then, it began. The search and the project that would preserve his dad's legacy.

"I've gotten tapes off of eBay, I've gotten tapes off of craigslist, the garage sales and estate sales," he said. "They're like little time capsules of all these great old TV shows and all the local stuff."

Sometimes the tapes are just old movies, recorded from TV "and then they'd have the news at the end and they forgot to turn the recorder off of, and there be all these newscast at the end, that's where I got all the good new stuff," said Cromwell.

The project was a time consuming process.

"It's first the viewing, then finding something I like, then the cutting of the something I like, then the editing of what it is and then finally putting it on YouTube," he said.

"Boy, there is a lot of KREM history that comes through the news here at KREM, and to be able to share that with people and to look back into see how much things have changed with news broadcasting really [and] how much things haven't changed," said Cromwell.

Cromwell's father Chuck passed away in 2005 before he began this project, but still he said he loves the fact that he is able to share these old recordings and memories with his family and all of YouTube.

Click here to find Steve Cromwell's Youtube Channel.