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Couple celebrates one month wedding anniversary after Valentine's Day

Linda, 80, and Ian Robertson, 84, both volunteers at the Salvation Army, celebrated their one-month wedding anniversary one day after Valentine's day.

Linda, 80, and Ian Robertson, 84, first met at The Salvation Army while volunteering at the center.

The couple spent some time working together at the center after getting engaged on their second date, five days after their first.

After one year of being Salvation Army co-workers and friends, Ian took Linda to grab some coffee. Five days after their first official date, they got engaged.

"We went to the South Hill forum, just a walk and Manito Park," Ian said. "And I just answered a question. Would you marry me? and she said yes, just like that, so I guess from the first if you call it a date, that was Saturday till Thursday."

The couple didn't waste time, and they got married a few months later after they got engaged.

Valentine's Day is a special date for many couples, but the following day was one to remember for the Andersons as on Tuesday the couple celebrated one month's wedding anniversary.

Even at their age, Linda and Ian are in love and still feel butterflies.

"Don't count us out because we're in our 80s, life goes on," Ian said.

Linda and Ian were married in the past. They never intended to start a new relationship, but life goes on and they said this time in their 80s was the right one.

"Knowing the person, respecting the person is very important," Linda said. "Also being able to laugh together and laugh at each other."

The couple has histories of long lives in their families 

"I want to live to be 100," Linda said. "Well, now that I'm getting closer to 100, I'm extending it because I just feel there's more to be done."

The Andersons continue volunteering to make sure nobody can count them out yet.

"History is important, we cannot rewrite our lives but we learned from our past," Linda said. "It gives us a clearer picture of what we are to be a part of."

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