SPOKANE, Wash. — With salons and barber shops across the country shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are taking matters into their own hands —  with varying degrees of success. 

From celebrities like Pink and Blake Shelton to our staff at KREM, people are playing hairdresser at home.

People have been sharing their hilariously horrendous quarantine haircuts on social media via Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok.

Kyle Clark, who works for KREM's Denver sister station KUSA, shared the saga of his haircut gone wrong on Twitter. 

"Haircut has started. Dog trimmer is powering through the job. But my wife keeps saying UT OH and she won’t let me look," he wrote. 

Less than ten minutes later, he shared a photo of a few bald patches on the back of his head and tweeted, "THIS IS NOT GOING WELL."

Clark isn't the only person to give or receive a botched quarantine haircut. 

The Today Show shared photos on its website of more cuts gone wrong. 

One of the outliers? KREM's Mark Hanrahan, who let his wife take the clippers to his hair and told Today Style that she did "an awesome job."

"Jokingly, I’ve asked her over the years to cut my hair, but given that I’m on TV everyday, she’s always refused. With our current situation, I convinced her to give it a go," Hanrahan told TODAY. "With a little liquid encouragement, clippers and a comb, she gave it a go. She did awesome, but is praying life gets back to normal sooner than later so she 'never has to do this again.'"

Bottom line: it's always a good idea to ask for professional advice before cutting your hair, but especially your bangs. Just look at look at #coronabangs on TikTok and you’ll see why.

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#WaitForUs has also been circulating on Twitter as stylist from every corner of the U.S. ask their clients to put down the sheers and have patience.

Do you have photos of your quarantine haircut that you want to share with KREM? Email them to pics@krem.com!

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