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Photogenic bobcat kitten spotted in Snoqualmie

A beautiful bobcat kitten was spotted exploring a Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhood.

A bobcat kitten did some exploring -- and strutting -- in Snoqualmie this week. 

Susan Burk spotted the photogenic kitten walking along her fence on the outskirts of Snoqualmie Ridge. Burk didn't see a mama bobcat or any other kittens nearby, but says her outdoor cameras frequently record wildlife. 

She says her home's proximity to the woods makes for prime wildlife viewing. Burk has seen grown bobcats, bears, raccoons, deer, and witnessed the rearing of coyote pups one summer. 

But this is the first bobcat kitten that Burk has seen and she was excited to catch it on camera.  

She said, "It makes my day to see our local wildlife, so I'm happy to share."

The photogenic kitten served up some poses for Burk's camera before continuing on this sunny day. 

WATCH: Photogenic bobcat spotted in Snoqualmie