SPOKANE, Wash. - Halloween is just around the corner, but as we all know, the costumes don't always come cheap.

One little girl from Spokane is doing her part to make sure everyone who wants to celebrate, has a costume to do so.

Halloween is Annesty's favorite holiday...and this year she'll be dressing up as a goddess.

"It's purple-ish and then I'm going to have purple on the ends of my hair,” she explained.

As Annesty started putting together this year's costume....she came to her mom with a question: Are there people who help children celebrate Halloween who can’t afford it?

Her mom, Alia, said they weren’t able to find any charities like that, so they decided to collect Halloween costumes for children and teens.

She plans to donate them to local shelters like Open Doors and Union Gospel Mission so less fortunate children can dress up for Halloween.

"I realize there's a lot that don't get to actually celebrate and I think it would be nice to help. Because costumes are really expensive,” Annesty said. "Halloween is the only holiday meant for kids and not many people celebrate it. I think they should have chance to celebrate it and have fun."

Donation boxes are set up at Rosauers on 29th Avenue and at Hawleys Homebred Reptiles in the Spokane Valley.

Annesty also created a Facebook page - "Holidays for Kids" -and has already seen great response from the community.

"I think it's great. She had a friend that really couldn't participate in Halloween. She had to grab things from around the house to dress up and she missed out on getting to be that superhero or the main character that she wanted to be and I think that's part of what triggered it for her,” Alia said. “So for her to be able to make that happen for other kids, I think it's a great thing."

Annesty has already received several princess costumes but she said if you'd like to donate, don't forget about the boys.