An 11-year old girl chased her passion at the 10th annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Antonio. Sunday's race marked the 18th for the seasoned runner.

"It was my first half marathon without someone running next to me,” Loghan Gonzales said.

Her mom, George Gonzales, says that she’s been running next to her daughter since she was 3 years old but she had to sit this one out.

She anxiously waited for Loghan at the finish line, nervously checking her pace on her phone.

Loghan raced among thousands of runners including San Antonio native and two-time Olympian Desiree Linden, who took first place in the women’s half marathon. Linden finished at 1:12:44.

Stanley Biwott took first place in the men's half-marathon, finishing at 1:05:27.

Loghan says she was hoping to finish at 1:30:00, but came in closer to 1:45:49. She says that she’s still proud but plans to push herself harder to meet her goal next time.

She aspires to take on the Olympics as a long distance runner in the future.