SPOKANE, Wash. --- Ellen DeGeneres invited Post Falls sixth grader Alex Knoll on to her show to give him the surprise of a lifetime!

Knoll had created a prototype of a phone application that would help people with disabilities.

The “Ability App” does things like show users where wheelchair ramps are and what locations are service-animal friendly.

DeGeneres interviewed Knoll on her show that aired Thursday and announced she, with the help of Shutterfly, would help Knoll roll his app out to the public. She signed a check backing the project for $25,000.

“You’re my hero, thank you!” said an emotional Knoll after the announcement.

“No, you’re my hero!” the TV star replied.

DeGeneres said she would get Knoll help with her team that has built other apps, like the very popular “Heads Up” game she often plays on the show.

Knoll has previously appeared on the T.D Jakes show on the CW. He was also featured by KREM 2 News last spring!