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Liam Neeson shares what he loved most about playing a dangerous grandpa in 'Blacklight'

The new political thriller is rated PG-13. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Liam Neeson’s latest role has him beating back bad guys as a grandfather.

“Blacklight” is a political thriller, with Neeson playing a shadowy CIA fixer who extracts operatives when their covers are blown.

But when he's off work, he wants nothing more than to hang out with his granddaughter.

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked to the action star about the role.

HOLCOMB: "You are considerably younger than my dad, but he would still like to have a word with you because you are giving grandpas a lot to live up to in this movie."

NEESON: (laughing) "I must admit, I still loved doing all the action stuff, and I absolutely adored acting with this little Australian kid. I get great pleasure out of acting with kids, I've done it a few times. This is the first time, I think, I've been a grandfather — and still kind of managed to kick ass. At least, kick a few asses.”

HOLCOMB: "You also use your intellect a lot — your character has to have persuasion in his toolkit. What are your powers of persuasion like in real life? Could you convince me to eat a bell pepper?”

NEESON: “No. Not a bell pepper, even though bell peppers are nice. I would convince you to take more vitamin D. Okay. I'm a big, big believer in vitamin D, I've discovered, you can't overdose on it, so I would convince you to take vitamin D. And a lot of it."

HOLCOMB: "Of all the special skills that you exhibit in this film and in the other action films that you've done, which do you get to actually use in real life? Like, do you find yourself deftly weaving through traffic, or figuring out where all the exits are in a building?”

NEESON: “No, I don't, no. I'm very laid back. I'm very content to watch paint dry on a wall. That is a skill I'm actually good at."

“Blacklight” is rated PG-13 and is now available on Blu-ray Disc. 

Holcomb said the movie begins with promise but quickly turns into a run-of-the-mill action film. Neeson is still impressive as an unflappable secret agent, but nothing could save the movie from it's own weirdly abrupt ending.

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