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NFL legend Kurt Warner has a message for Seahawks fans

The biopic about Warner's life, "American Underdog," comes out in theaters on Christmas Day. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner has a message for Seahawks fans: don’t despair!

The NFL legend was in Seattle for Monday Night Football, and in support of the upcoming biopic about his long and winding road to becoming a Super Bowl champion and MVP.

“American Underdog” picks up Warner’s story during his college days when he met his future wife. He was ultimately undrafted and worked in a grocery store to make ends meet, but he never gave up hope. After a stint playing Arena football, he was picked up by the St. Louis Rams and went on to make NFL history.

Warner said the underlying message of the film is one that can also speak to Hawks fans right now.

"To me, one of the greatest messages that I have in my life and that we kind of resonate in our family is: you can't ever let your circumstances define you,” he said. "There's a great line in the movie - 'sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do while you're waiting to do what you want to do.' And that to me is life. But that is always the hardest thing. We live in a time where it's like, 'These are my circumstances now, oh my gosh, everything's great or everything's awful,' as opposed to going, 'Okay, it's just about working through and growing through this so when we get to the other side, things are going be that much better because we worked through it.' But I get it, it's hard. We only get 17 of these games, time is limited. You hate to miss any opportunity. But at the end of the day, it always helps us to appreciate the other side. If there's anything this movie inspires people with, it's that you gain a greater appreciation for the journey once you're through it."

“American Underdog” opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

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