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Thomas Markle fears he's being 'shut out' by Kensington Palace and Meghan Markle

After a 'tell-all' interview, Thomas Markle has not received an invitation to the palace nor did he receive a Father's Day card from his daughter, Duchess Meghan Markle.

After his "tell all" interview on Good Morning Britain, Thomas Markle thought all was well in the world. He admitted he was disappointed he couldn't attend the wedding and "wished he had been there." He even said that it was wrong of him to stage photos with the paparazzi weeks before the royal nuptials. Markle was paid a 'few thousand pounds' for the tell-all interview with Good Morning Britain, however, it seems that all is still not forgiven between Meghan Markle's father and the royal family.

A source from the DailyMail has said Markle, who thought after "setting the record straight" in his interview, would be welcomed with open arms has received the opposite reaction - the cold shoulder. Apparently he has not heard from Meghan, the newly crowned Duchess of Sussex, or her husband Prince Harry. Markle also said that he did not receive a Father's Day card from his daughter. In an odd turn of events, Thomas Markle's wedding suit, which was being prepared by a tailor in London, was actually worn and purchased this weekend. Johnno Spence confirmed to UK newspaper The Sunday Telegraph that he had purchased Thomas’ wedding outfit because it was pre-made and their sizing was very similar. Spence told the newspaper, “It was a shame Mr. Markle couldn’t attend his daughter’s wedding. But you could say his misfortune was my good luck."

Thomas Markle has not met Prince Harry nor has he traveled to London. Kensington Palace declined to comment on their interactions with the Duchess' father. Meghan, who has been traveling extensively with the royal family, including a train ride tour with the Queen and attending the Ascot Races this past weekend, has apparently not made any plans for her father to visit.

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