SPOKANE, Wash. — A report from Apartment List said Spokane is among the worst U.S. cities for singles in 2019 and according to our viewers…they aren’t wrong.

KREM took to social media to ask you about some of your worst dating stories and you guys came through.

Cherrie told us about her run in with a criminal.

Met at ihop, made me follow him so he could drop off his car but car wasnt even his, he called the cops on his friend that took the car, wanted me to wait with him for 11 hours before cops could even do anything. Lied about his age and height and job.. just a terrible kid.


Nikki met a guy who was moving a little too fast.

Met up with a guy at a restaurant who used pictures from years ago. He told me he had six kids and that I was going to be a great step mom.

Jared met a woman who continued to talk about an uncomfortable topic…but he had some help fleeing the date.

Years ago, before I met my wife, I went on a date with this woman who from the very first sentence was just awful. Did nothing but bash the military and guys in the military, for the first 20 minutes of our date. There wasnt 21 minutes. The waitress was awesome and ran interference while I ran from that train wreck. Thank the lord I met my wife a few weeks later. 

Those stories are great. But we’re saving the best for last. Mark had a first date that he thought ended well…

My first date with this girl ended up with her back at my place staying the night. all was going well about 12AM when she passed gas. It didn't sound normal it sounded like someone punched a whole in a propane tank AND it smelled just like rotten eggs. I woke up in a panic loudly yelling "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" (Not knowing she passed gas) from which exclaimed...."it must be a gas leak, it's fine go back to bed" omg I speed dialed the utility so fast my phone had to catch up with my fingers.
She grabbed my phone hung up and started "no sorry I meant....it must be one of your appliances....ya you must have dropped an egg in the fridge or something" ....I finally figured she must have passed gas but I was on edge because of my fear of gas leakes, (ya little detail here, I'm deathly afraid of gas leaks) then...she did it again sending me flying out of bed. She confessed finally.

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