SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Comedy Club came up with a way to keep our community laughing while the state is abiding by Governor Inslee's 'stay at home' order. They will be hosting a virtual comedy show on Instagram tonight at 7 p-m.

The club's owner Adam Norwest will host the live stream alongside comedian Sarah Colonna. Even though the format will look different, Norwest hopes the audience will still get to laugh with them.

"We all need entertainment," Norwest said.

After being couped up at home with his two kids for the past few weeks, Norwest said he let his daughter shave his head.

"Like that's where we're at right now. I used to have luscious hair -- not really. But I had more hair then this. And then you know 2-pm and 8 bloody marys later and my two year old is just shaving my head," Norwest said.

He is friends with Colonna, so they came up this the idea to do a live stream comedy show.

The goal is to give everyone a reason to laugh in these unprecedented times. But the show will also help the comedy club's employees who are out of work.

Norwest started a Go Fund Me page that they are asking people to donate to. All of the proceeds will go 100% to the employees.

"My staff is like my family. You spend more time with your staff than you do with your cats, if you had one for example. And so to have to tell people that you don't have a job for them to come to is devastating," Norwest said.

The Go Fund Me page already has already raised over $14,000 dollars. Norwest said he is extremely grateful for the support. But he said even if a person can't donate, he still hopes they join the live stream at 7 pm tonight.

Anyone can text 'SPOKANE' to 31996 for a reminder 10 minutes before the live stream starts.

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