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Zag Swag: Here is the Final Four gear that you can pick up right now

New Gonzaga merchandise is trending throughout the city as the Zags push for a perfect season.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Fresh off the printer, brand new gear is arriving at the Zag Shop with every win that the basketball team reels in at the tournament.

Just this morning and less than 24 hours after making it to the next round - a small batch of Final Four shirts went up for sale.

“You can buy them online before they even get here or you can come in and visit us” explained Zag Shop manager Megan Hawley. “As soon as things land, we’ll have them ready for you.”

The demand for Zag apparel might just be at an all-time high this year and many of the products created have local ties to the region.

Zome Design is one of the businesses that work with the shop.

“Handcrafted right here in Spokane,” exclaimed CEO Brayden Jessen.

New designs have to be thought of every day. Preparation is key for something like the NCAA Tournament.

Zome would be printing new shirts throughout the night to have them ready by sunrise if the Zags were to win the championship this year.

“So the champions design has been months in the works,” explained Jessen.

All of these designs have to stay lowkey before making an official appearance. It’s vital they don’t get leaked too early but rooting for the Zags through this run has been special for them.

The only thing that could make this season better is championship gear that all of Spokane could wear.

“We’re going to fire these pressers up and we’ll be printing through the night to do whatever we can to get our shirts to the bookstore, to the grocery store, and on our website as fast as we can,” Jessen said.