SPOKANE, Wash. — This week, KREM 2's resident fitness enthusiast Brianna Vasquez ventured out into Spokane to try out exercise classes recommended by our newsroom. 

She rated every class based on price, difficulty, variety of muscles exercised, and sweat level. 

You can find Bri's ratings and a description of each class below. 

This project is ongoing. If you have a class you think Bri should try, let us know! Email our news tips line.

Air O Fitness:

 Bri attended a class at Air O Fitness in South Hill. Classes are held every day besides Sunday, multiple times a day. 


Air O Fitness

Price: Two out of three dollar signs. Drop in classes are $18 each, or you can get a month of unlimited classes for $132. 

Sweat Level: Three and a half out of five sweat drops. It wasn’t the sweatiest class but she was working hard the whole time.

Difficulty: The workouts require a lot of effort but they can be done no matter your experience. You don't have to have a background in lifting weights. The trainers are able to adjust the workout based on your abilities. 

Variety: Bri did a workout focused on arms, but Air-O workouts also focus on legs, cardio, resistance and strength training. The workouts you do use free weights, resistance bands and also include body weight exercises. 


Bri attended a Jazzercise class at the studio's South Hill location. She participated in the Dance Mixx class which the studio holds every day of the week, multiple times a day. 


  • Price: Two out of five dollar signs. Prices range from $20 a class to $76 for a  month long membership. 
  • Sweat level: Four out five drops. If you take this class, come prepared to sweat.
  • Difficulty: Bri found the class easy to follow, and the instructor was great. No worries if you aren't a dancer, beginners will fit right in. 
  • Variety: This class provided a cardio, arm and core workout. 

Bar Method:

Bri took a Barre class at Bar Method in South Hill. Bar Method classes occur every day besides Sunday, multiple times a day. 


  • Price: Four out of five dollar signs. Prices range from $22 a class to $95 for 5 classes a month. Unlimited memberships are available for $196 a month. 
  • Sweat Level: One out of five drops. Not too sweaty.
  • Difficulty: The class isn't extremely difficult, but if you have trouble the instructor is right there to help.
  • Variety: This class works out your legs, arms and core. 

BeYoutiful Hot Yoga:

Bri tried Hot Yoga at BeYOUtiful yoga in South Hill. She took the Hot Hatha class which they offer multiple times a day, every day of the week. 


  • Price: Three out of five dollar signs. Drop in classes are $16 and unlimited classes are $150 a month. 
  • Sweat: Six out of six sweat drops. This was the sweatiest of all! The temperature in the room was 105 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity. 
  • Difficulty: Patience and practice will benefit you in this class. The instructor demonstrates the moves and walks around to help students achieve correct posture. 
  • Variety: This class focuses on breathing and working every muscle, organ, cell and tissue in the body. 

If you know about exercises Bri should try, email us at newstips@krem.com.