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PHOTOS: Your pictures of eastern Washington's stunning sunrise

KREM viewers around the Inland Northwest captured a beautiful sunrise Tuesday morning. Take a look at their pictures here!
Credit: Joel Finn
A picture of the sunrise between Creston and Davenport

SPOKANE, Wash. — People around eastern Washington were treated to a stunning sunrise on Tuesday morning. 

KREM viewers from all around the Inland Northwest sent in pictures of the sunrise from their vantage point. 

But just why are Spokane's sunrises so beautiful? 

The answer might actually be more scientific than you think. Spokane has relatively low humidity, which means light scatters in the atmosphere, according to KREM 2 Meteorologist Thomas Patrick. 

Because Spokane is more arid, it's like the sunrise is turning up the saturation on those reds, oranges, and pinks on display. For Spokane, that can be a year-round feature.  

It turns out, there is a perfect recipe for a beautiful sunrise in the Inland Northwest. 

First, you need a little cloud cover. It has to be just the right amount because too many clouds means you can't see the sun. If there are too few, they don't make a difference. 

Then, atmospheric particulates act as the cherry on top.