SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane dad has become an Instagram icon for parents looking for a good laugh.

Bryan Albrandt built his following by creating relatable parenting videos and memes –and then sharing them on social media.

"There is never a shortage of material," said Albrandt, who is a father of two toddlers.

The Instagram account, called Dad and Bloated, started after a video of Albrandt and his niece playing baseball went viral. Three years ago, several different Instagram accounts – including ESPN and SportsCenter – shared the video and the followers started to pour in.

Albrandt then started creating videos on parenting and it continued to grow. He receives hundreds of comments on some of his posts, mostly of parents laughing alongside of him.

"Parents will say so good to see I am not alone, that there is actually someone else going through this right now," Albrandt said.

Now, his Instagram account has more than 32,000 followers.

It's a family affair when it comes to creating great content.

"My wife is really supportive. She's like 'terrorize me all you want',” Albrandt added.

In a world of Instagram influencers, a dad usually isn't the norm – but Albrandt is even landing partnerships with brands like Duct Tape.

Bryan said his account and brand is a great creative outlet and keeps him grounded as a parent.

"I am trying to use my influence, if that’s what you want to call it, to motivate dads to be a better parent,” he said.

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