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Your pictures of Saturday's sunset in the Inland Northwest

KREM Viewers snapped stunning pictures of Saturday night's sunset. Want to submit one of your own? Use the NearMe section on the KREM 2 app!

KREM viewers snapped stunning photos of Saturday night's sunset in the Inland Northwest. 

We've compiled the pictures viewers have sent to us to make a gallery of the most beautiful sunset of 2021 so far. 

There is a recipe to get the perfect sunrise or sunset, according to KREM 2 Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo.

First, you need a little cloud cover. It has to be just the right amount because too many clouds means you can't see the sun. If there are too few, they don't make a difference. 

Second, atmospheric particulates act as the cherry on top. 

More moisture, or water vapor in the atmosphere will simply just scatter more light, or make the colors look more dull. Even during the day, a humid Midwestern summer sky can almost look white because of the high levels of humidity.

But when the atmosphere is more arid, it's like the sunset is turning up the saturation on those reds, oranges, and pinks on display. For Spokane, that can be a year-round feature.



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