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No-Li Brewery raises another $25K for those affected by Babbs-Malden Fire

The brewery has raised $76,000 in its quest to hit $100,000.

SPOKANE, Wash. — After a few weeks, families are continuing to rebuild after the Babbs-Malden Fire decimated the Whitman County town of Malden.

"When you look behind us and you see the smoldering ruins of ones life in a pile, it's hard to forget that," said John Bryant, owner of No Li Brewery.

John and his wife Cindy visited Malden on Tuesday to drop off $25,000 in cash to United Way for the Whitman County Community fire funds. Their mission has been to help as many people in need as they can, and over the years, they've gained a reputation of helping the community.

When asked why they give so heavily, they said it's because they understand the need for the community, and how vital it can be.

"I just think Cindy and I's family have both been helped by both government programs historically. No-Li was built on community, and there were times we tried to keep our business open in the early years. And No-Li, being a part of that within our community, we have the ability to help the power of the Spokane community's ability to raise it with dignity and respect, it becomes a cause," said Bryant.

So far, $76,000 have been raised, and they're shooting for $100,000.

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"We believe it's No-Li's cause, don't forget about this. There's going to be the next thing to happen in life and it's easy to pass it by," said Bryant.

There is no end date to No-Li's new fundraising goal of $100,000. Bryant said No-Li will continue to raise the money for as long as it takes.

There are several ways to donate to the cause, but the simplest is dropping off cash or a check to one of No-Li's barrels or purchasing a Huckleberry Hazy IPA.

Checks can also be mailed to No-Li Brewhouse at 1003 E. Trent Ave., #170, Spokane, WA, 99202. They should be made out to Whitman County Fire Community Relief Fund.