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Man paralyzed during North Idaho windstorm receives free all-terrain wheelchair

Jordan Simon was paralyzed from the chest down in an accident three years ago. In 2018, he rolled his truck in another accident.

A wheelchair giveaway is changing the lives of disabled sportsmen in the Inland Northwest. 

In 2019, the Northwest Sportsmans Club is gifting three all-terrain track chairs that allow people who are wheelchair bound to go to new places.

NWSC gave sportsman Jordan Simon a chair in October 2018. He says it helped give him his freedom back.

“Getting your freedom back - mentally it just helps everybody out, getting to go back out and do what you want," he said. 

Simon's first accident was three years ago during a windstorm in North Idaho.

"I was less than a mile from here, from my home, and I was driving out the lake road. I had a buddy's dad in front of me. I had friends behind me, and then family friends coming the other way. And the tree hit me right in between them all. So it could have been any one of us," Simon said.

That accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. Then in 2018, he rolled his truck in another accident.

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During his time in the hospital after the second accident, Simon was able to video chat with Garth Brooks after missing the concert he had planned on attending. 

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But that didn't change the fact that Simon was paralyzed.

When you’re a sportsman and you’re stuck on the asphalt, it’s not very much fun,” Simon said.

Simon says that he wants as many paraplegics to experience the freedom his track chair gives him.

NWSC relies on donations from the community to continue the giveaway. People interested in donating or applying for a chair can do that on their website.