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'Gone-Zag-Uh': ESPN's Jay Bilas tweets helpful reminder about the pronunciation of Gonzaga

Bilas issued "an important PSA" on Monday morning.
Credit: @JayBilas

Do you say Gone-Zag-uh, Gun-Zog-uh or Gin-Zay-guh? 

Well, ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas is here to help you get it right.

Bilas sent out a reminder in a Twitter video on Monday morning about how to pronounce Gonzaga.

 “It’s Gon-ZAG-uh, not Gon-ZOG-uh. They’re called the ‘Zags.’ If it were Gon-zog-uh, they’d be called the ‘Zogs,'” he said in a Twitter video.

Editor's Note: Bilas uses an expletive in the video below.

On behalf of Zag fans everywhere, thank you Jay.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs take on the Baylor Bears in the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship Game on Monday at 6 p.m on KREM 2.