SPOKANE, Wash. — Staff at SNAP are trying to find a home for a dog of a homeless client who passed away.

SNAP Communications and Marketing Specialist Nicole Bishop said Ray had been a SNAP client since 2010. She said he had since suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and he became homeless.

Since 2015, Ray and his companion dog, Rocky, had lived on the streets. Bishop said Ray didn’t have a family and he saw the SNAP Homeless Services team as his family.   

Ray passed away Wednesday afternoon with the SNAP Director of Community Action, Carol Weltz, and Housing Specialist, Michelle Christie, holding his hand. Bishop said Ray had just found permanent housing through SNAP three days prior.

“I’m going to miss Ray,” Christie said in a press release. “I feel better knowing he died safe, and warm, and around people who care for him.”

Rocky stayed by Ray’s side through his period of homelessness.

“Rocky knew Ray died,” Christie said, “He literally had tears streaming from his eyes.”

SNAP’s homeless services team is looking for a permanent home for Rocky. He's a 7-8-year-old neutered Chow-Chow/Newfoundland mix. SNAP staff said he can shake hands and lie down. He’s patient and gentle.

“Ray always had a smile on his face, even in his worst times. Rocky captures Ray’s spirit,” Christie said.

Those interested in adopting Rocky should send an email to media@snapwa.org. Please include your experience in dealing with dogs and details about the life you wish to provide for Rocky.

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