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'He's just so friendly': Charlie the duck brings joy to Spokane Valley

Charlie's owner Emma Smith, takes him on walks, into stores and on the road.

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Man's best friend isn't always a dog. One Spokane girl found her partner in crime in a duck.

Emma Smith and her sister love ducks, so they adopted a couple as pets. Smith takes her duck, Charlie, on walks, takes him to the store and even takes him to work. She can do so due to the fact that Charlie loves people and wears a diaper.

So... how does one put a diaper on a duck?

Smith said she wasn't very optimistic about how much Charlie would like the diaper or if he would even let her put it on. But once they started going places together, he didn't care one bit. 

Smith ordered a special diaper that was designed for ducks. It fits over his head, then around his wings and stays securely on his body when he waddles around.

Smith said walking around with Charlie is always an exciting experience.

"There's staring and a lot of people taking pictures. It's been really nice because he's just so friendly. He loves being pet and saying hi to people," Smith said

Smith said Charlie is a very outgoing duck and loves attention.

"He definitely think he's a dog. He'll come and snuggle with people," Smith said.

Smith said many people who meet Charlie tell her their interaction made their day. She said she loves being able to spread some joy with Charlie around their community.