It might be basic to love LaCroix but one Los Angeles-based musician has dedicated a summer jam to the popular drink!

The hilarious (and sultry) seltzer water tune has been popular online ever since it was released earlier this week.

“One day I was talking with my producer about making a sexy interlude [for an upcoming album] about something stupid....and I was drinking a LaCroix at the time,” he explained. “So we put that together and started writing LaCroix Boi. It was initially meant to be just a funny bit in between songs on the album, but it quickly became a jam.”

Watch the video below, but full disclosure, it might be more of a PG-13 maturity level.

Big Dipper said he has been drinking the carbonated, flavored water for about five years, ever since he stopped drinking alcohol and soda.

“Like, my mom used to drink LaCroix in the 90's when I was growing up and I always thought it was bland and gross,” he said in an email. “And now as an adult, I crave it and have such a taste for it.”

He said the whole video was shot one day in a studio but it took months of planning and preparation then weeks of editing after the shoot.

Big Dipper said the reaction to the song has been amazing.

(Photo: Big Dipper Music)

“The most popular thing seems to be the amazing LaCroix Can Jacket made by my friend Harwood Lee. It was so fun to wear and it's actually super loud when it moves,” he said. “Someone also printed out a photo of me sitting on the LaCroix throne and put it on their mini fridge to 'know exactly what's in the mini fridge.’”

Big Dipper said he is working on new music and plans to release a few more singles before his next album project. You can keep up with him on YouTube here. He even has a website dedicated to his LaCroix Boi song.

LaCroix does not appear to have commented on the music video, but if they respond, we’ll keep you posted!