SPOKANE, Wash. — Actor James Faulkner is wrapping up filming the final scenes in Spokane for a dramatic comedy.

More than 50 people from Spokane will appear as extras in several scenes.

Faulkner stars in "All Those Small Things" as a British game show host who travels to Eastern Washington to find greater purpose in his life.

The film takes place in London, but several of its scenes were shot in Spokane.

On Monday, a team of 60 crew members of set up lights and cameras at the Washington Cracker Building for the scene of an English pub.

"We're filming a posh restaurant, a hip London bar and an art gallery," said Nike Imoru, one of the film's executive producers. "(This building) is very atmospheric. It's old. There's lots of space for us to move around in."

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Several other scenes were filmed in other areas around Spokane, like a record store in the Garland District and several homes on the South Hill.

"Spokane itself is a large enough city so it has a lot of locations, a lot of choice and a lot of different looks," said Rebeca Petriello, an executive producer. "Every part of the city looks different and unique, yet it still has that smaller town feel."

The crew shot for 25 days in Spokane. Three days of shooting will take place in London in January.

After a few months of editing, the film should be ready and on big screens in the spring, the producers said.

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