SPOKANE, Wash. – Hoopfest 2019 saw a total of 1,780 injuries, almost twice as many than 2018.

The new digital injury board outside of the MultiCare medical tent displayed a total of 1,780 injuries for events on Saturday and Sunday. 

The number on the board counts for all injuries, from minor scrapes to concussions.

In 2018, a total of 915 people visited the medical tents for care for Hoopfest weekend.

There were 42 fractures, 242 strains and sprains and 12 Achilles tears that accounted for some of the injuries.

Fractures and Achilles tears accounted for some of the biggest increases in injuries for Hoopfest 2019. 

There were 60 fractures, 294 strains and sprains and more than 16 Achilles tears.

“The harder folks go with the weather, when it’s hot, but not too hot, tends to open them up to injuries,” he said.

This year, the medical company updated its tracking process by using a digital board.

“Not using the pen and paper anymore, but we think this will give us an easier and more updated way to keep track of everything,” Strasser said.

As Hoopfest weekend comes to an end, Strasser said he recommends easing back into your regular workout routine and giving your body time to rest.

“Throughout the week, get back in your athletics, but take it slow for a couple days,” he said.

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