SPOKANE, Wash. – Hoopfest kicked off in Downtown Spokane Saturday drawing thousands of spectators.

The crowds packed into the Downtown streets, with even less room to walk, with construction underway in Riverfront Park. Fans and players had to maneuver around fencing, squeeze onto slim walkways and crowd in close, as they traveled from court to court.

“There's a lot of construction and it's a lot different than last year as far as the access and getting back and forth and we've been going back and forth to different games," said Julie Raab who was out watching games Saturday.

For the most part fans and players were being patient walking around areas where construction is happening. The Hill sisters have been to a few Hoopfests and they expected some crowded streets and sidewalks.

"The environment kind of already breeds a little bit of chaos, but it's the good kind to where you can sit and enjoy the chaos on the courts and the chaos in between," Morganne Hill said.

"It hasn't been bothersome there's definitely a lot less room to walk around and you have to be more careful, but for the most part we're just here to have a good time," said Ashlyn Hill.

Hoopfest organizers had to make several changes to where some things are located, like where some courts are and the information booth, because of the construction. For the most part people found their way around pretty well, but if you need help there's a Hoopfest app and website.