Many former Gonzaga players take part in Hoopfest, but this year we're seeing something a bit different.

Former Gonzaga player Heather Bowman and current Gonzaga assistant coach Stacy Clinesmith are playing on the same squad.

“I roped her into it,” said Heather with a laugh.

Okay, it didn't take that much convincing for Gonzaga assistant Stacy Clinesmith to play on Heather Bowman's team.

“When she asked me to play I said, ‘Of course I'll play,’ because it's good to have women playing,” said Clinesmith. “We need to grow the Women's Elite a little bit. It was fun. We started out okay. So far so good. I'm not too mad at her yet,” said Clinesmith said with a laugh.

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Farm Girl Fit, Heather and Stacy’s team, started their day more than OK, winning both games. Their first game, they won by a convincing 20-3.

“It was good. I think our experience took over a little bit. We played well together and got into some pick and roll situations where kind of more old lady type of basketball than going one-on-one,” said Clinesmith.

“Smarter not harder,” added Bowman.

Bowman and Clinesmith also have the benefit of having been on the same staff together.

Stacy was an assistant on Gonzaga when Heather was the team's video coordinator a few years ago.

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“I think I know your coaching style a little. I think that kind of helps,” said Bowman.

“I think we work well together on the court because we've been around each other quite a bit and coached together. I think that helps probably a little bit knowing each other's style of play,” said Clinesmith.

What makes playing together even sweeter for them?

Getting to represent Gonzaga at the same time.

“It's awesome. It's really awesome. I love where I work. I love who I work with. I love my team. There's no other place I'd rather be. Representing the Zags is pretty awesome,” said the assistant coach.

“That's the thing is that everybody out here represents the Zags in so many ways. It means the world. I have an old teammate out there. Lisa Fortier came and saw us after. It brings of the community together, so it's a good time,” said the former forward.

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The team has a shot to win the Women's Elite bracket heading into Sunday.

What would it mean to them to win it all?

“I mean we'd love it. It'd be a lot of fun. I think that's it. You never know what's going to happen. That would be a blast. That would be amazing but the whole weekend is just such a good time,” said Heather.

Clinesmith added, “Yeah, best weekend of the year.”

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