SPOKANE, Wash. – This year’s Hoopfest will bring in the usual basketball nets, athletes and crowds, but a few things are going to be different.

The construction downtown will bring big changes to venues normally housed in the park.

The Nike Center Court, the Hoopfest store, Toyota Shootoff, Providence Medical tents and information tents will be moved to the Bennett Block parking map.

That location is just west of Stevens, between Main and Spokane Falls Blvd, as seen on this map.

Hoopfest officials told KREM 2 the change in location for the Hoopfest store will bring a whole new look and feel. They said they are excited for people to check it out.

There will be other parts of the park that remain open. It will be open for team check in, the Avista Score Board and FoodFest.

Hoopfest has more than 450 courts across 45 blocks. Those activities are bringing a few street closures.

Most of the streets close at 7:00 p.m. Friday.

Here is a full list of street closures for the weekend.