SPOKANE, Wash. -- Hoopfest organizers collected three boxes of lost and found items over the weekend.

They said in previous years they have collected a lot more.

"Boxes have been bigger than this, maybe twice the size some years with twice the amount of items," said Hoopfest Office Administrator Kelli Riley.

Riley said they have seen a variety of lost items, some with even sentimental value.

"Of course money, we’ve also had laptops, Gameboys, tablets, and wedding rings," she said.

The items found this year range from backpacks, shoes, credit cards, to even a few cell phones. Riley said social media and surprisingly honest people really helped with getting items returned to their owners.

"You would think that people wouldn't give that cash back they'd keep it. But we have such a great community and also players and spectators who come back and turn stuff in so people can reclaim them," she said.

Riley said they will keep the shirts, shorts and glasses for a few weeks. Then, if now one claims them, everything gets donated to local charities.

If you did lose something during Hoopfest, you are asked to call the Hoopfest office number at 509-624-2414. If they have it, they will get it back to you.