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Karthik Venkataraman

Karthik is KREM's Weekend Sports Anchor and Sports Reporter
Credit: KREM

Karthik was born and raised in Bristol, Tennessee.

His love for sports came when he and his sister were playing this computer game where you trek into a jungle. He was always afraid she’d get further than him in the game, so he hid it on top of a lamp. It had no cover, so the disc was touching the light bulb, which was on. Not too much later, the house was filling with smoke. Karthik almost started a fire.

His dad was at home and was not very happy. But Karthik was more terrified of the scolding he was going to get from his mom when she got home. He decided to hide by his dad when he calmed down.

His dad was watching basketball. Specifically, he was watching Michael Jordan. It was the first time Karthik ever watched sports. In a night mixed with many emotions, the one that stuck out most to Karthik was his new sports passion.

However, choosing sports journalism wasn’t exactly what he planned as his career. He graduated from East Tennessee State University as a biology major wanting to be a doctor. While he pursued that career, he still followed sports constantly. As years passed, it really hit him that he just really didn’t want to be a doctor.

More than just watching sports, he wanted to tell stories. He wanted to be a sports journalist.

So he taught himself to put together stories before working for a short time as a news multimedia journalist for a couple of TV stations in his hometown area.

He enjoyed news, but he wanted to do sports journalism more. He decided the best way to chase his dream was to get an education in journalism. He attended and graduated from Syracuse University with a master’s in broadcast digital journalism and a sports communication emphasis.

After graduation, he worked at KMTV in Omaha, Nebraska as a sports reporter. There he reported on Nebraska University athletics, Creighton athletics and high school sports.

He started with KREM as the Weekend Sports Anchor and Sports Journalist in February of 2019.

Karthik’s hobbies outside of work are hiking, videos games and he considers watching sports a hobby.

You can reach Karthik at kvenkataraman@krem.com.