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Goodbye reading glasses, hello VUITY!


As we age, the lenses of our eyes become harder and less flexible. These changes can lead to age-related Blurry Near Vision, also known as presbyopia. This is a common, progressive condition that reduces your eye’s ability to focus on near objects. This condition affects millions of adults over the age of 40. Despite this, the only treatment options before now were those mechanical supports in habitual use for similarly poor vision, such as glasses, bifocals, and contact lenses.

Now VUITY ™ offers patients a treatment that temporarily relieves the blurry vision that hallmarks this condition. VUITY™ is a prescription eye drop that works by reducing your pupil size. It contracts certain muscles in the eye to help you see up close. It’s effective as quickly as 15 minutes after a dose, and can last up to 6 hours.

Additionally, patients exhibited no serious adverse effects, with the most common side effects being headache and eye redness, which occurred in less than 5% of study participants. VUITY™ was not found to have negatively affected distance vision either during or after use. Learn more at Vuity.com