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No-Li Brewhouse

Beer is serious business — but at No-Li, it’s only part of what they are all about.


Great beer, great food and a commitment to make our community great! No-Li Brewery started with a mission to create world class craft beer and has now evolved is a movement that is putting Spokane on the map. Family owned and fully independent, they come to work every day to make great beer in the artisan, hands-on tradition. Beer that does justice to the natural resources around us. Beer that wins awards and gathers folks together in conversation and celebration. They also believe that what’s in the can should elevate our craft — but that’s just the beginning. At No-Li they also want the way they do business to elevate our community. To inspire the doers and makers, the entrepreneurs and risk-takers. To lead with goodness. To be bold and thoughtful in the relationships they make and the causes they champion.