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General Surgery | Colorectal Cancer

This year 50,000 people are expected to die from colorectal cancer. Screening could save more than half of those lives.


Colon cancer can be prevented with screening because it’s highly treatable when caught early. The American Cancer Society recommends that adults without a family history should begin colorectal cancer screening at age 45. Most colorectal cancers begin as benign (non-cancerous) clumps of cells, known as polyps, which can develop into cancer over time. Since polyps often have no symptoms, regular screening through colonoscopy is a very effective way to prevent and treat cancer early on. At Northwest Institute for Digestive Surgery, our team of experts provide outpatient cancer screenings in a reassuring setting. Your health and comfort are our utmost concern. The surgeons at Northwest Institute for Digestive Surgery are trained in the entire spectrum of benign and malignant digestive diseases. All of our specialists have completed accredited fellowship training programs. Fellowship training is beyond what is required in standard residency training and is the highest level of surgical training attainable. Our surgeons have completed this rigorous training to become the highest level experts in the medical and surgical aspects of gastrointestinal diseases. Call to make an appointment or learn more at www.NWSH.com/coloncancer

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