Spokane rabbi's Facebook event flooded with anti-Semitic comments

SPOKANE, Wash. – A local Rabbi’s Facebook event was flooded with anti-Semitic comments Tuesday.

Rabbi Yisroel Hahn created a Facebook page to invite the community to hear a Holocaust survivor share her story. Hahn said the page was flooded with hateful anti-Semitic comments.

“It’s not a good feeling to have hundreds of Jew haters verbally attack you,” said Hahn.

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Many of the posts were vulgar comments attacking the Jewish community and pictures with hateful messages. Rabbi Hahn said some of the most disturbing comments were actually the Facebook poll responses. Hahn said he created polls with questions relating back to the Holocaust and left the poll open for write-in options. After reading the “disgusting options that got a lot of votes,” Hahn called Spokane Police.

Rabbi Hahn said the event set for June 14 at the Spokane Convention Center will continue as planned.

“Everyone should come to our event to show that we do not stand for such bigotry and hate,” said Hahn. “This behavior does not reflect the Spokane community… This isn’t who we are.”

Hahn added that “people in the community should use this as a chance to spread positivity and light because darkness never wins.”

Update: Hahn posted on Facebook he had gotten a call of support from congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

"Thank you for your show of support!" he wrote. "It means the world to us."