Spokane moms find unique workout, friendships

One mom said she went for the workout, but stayed for the supportive friendships.

SPOKANE, Wash.—A Spokane fitness group encourages moms to bring their kids along for the workout.

Fit 4 MOM Spokane is a workout class for moms who want to get into shape and find a supportive community.

Amanda Shaw takes the classes and said she went for the workouts but ended up staying for the friendships.

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"It is so incredibly beneficial on so many levels. Physically, of course you get your workout in, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually, you get a little bit of village time with other moms who understand what you were going through, understand what your struggles are or what your successes are, and know how to support you to reach your goals," said Shaw.

FIT 4 MOM Spokane instructor Brittany Tyler teaches a class called “Stroller Strides.”
Tyler said the class gets you moving and the babies enjoy it.

"We kind of use strollers to secure the babies, and put them in whatever positions we need to entertain them,” said Tyler.

Fit 4 MOM Spokane has a temporary winter space for their workouts, but when the weather is warmer people can see them at parks all around Spokane getting a workout in with their babies.