Vandal nation tailgates in Bronco Stadium parking lot


by Edgar Linares, KTVB

Posted on September 1, 2010 at 4:35 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 5 at 2:53 PM

BOISE -- Idaho Vandal fans took over Bronco Stadium tonight.

They put up tents and flew their black, silver and gold flags for everyone to see.

Many Vandal fans we spoke with felt a little strange because Boise State and Idaho are such bitter rivals, but many said that taking some attention away from BSU is a good thing.

The snow fell early this morning and crews at Bronco Stadium got right to work to clear the snow from the field and the stands.  In some parts of the parking lot, four inches of snow covered the ground.

But the weather didn't keep Vandal fans from tailgating on Bronco territory.

"We shoveled snow to get spaces cleared off. We got the generator going. We got the smoker fired up and away we go," said tailgater Carl Anderson.

Vandal fans decked out in their silver and gold packed the Bronco parking lot.  Celebrating without a Bronco in sight was a new experience for many.

"Today this is hallowed Vandal ground as far as I'm concerned," said Ben Schile.

Ben Schile is from Boise but attends the University of Idaho.  He and many others are proud to turn the Bronco parking lot into temporary headquarters for Vandal nation.

"BSU is out of mind right now. For the most part, any Idaho fan is focused on the game," said Schile.

But one fan at today’s game still has Boise State on his mind.  Frank Garcia was greeted by some boos.

"Hey but we're here for you guys, now let’s go," said Garcia.

Garcia said he got some nasty looks but for the most part Vandal fans have been cordial.

“We support the WAC. We go to this game every year regardless of who's playing in it," said Garcia.

And Vandal fans are glad to be part of it, even if is on the blue turf.

"It's been a long time coming for Idaho. Since the last time we were here was back in ‘98.  Hey we're here, we're in bowl, we're pretty happy about that," said Vandal fan Nick Epler.

There was a very large contingent of tailgating Vandal fans, plus a few BSU tents scattered throughout the parking lot.  Many of those Bronco fans were there to support the Vandals and a WAC team.