Customers claim Colville jewelry store shutdown without returning rings



Posted on August 29, 2014 at 7:01 PM

Updated Saturday, Aug 30 at 9:06 AM

COLVILLE, Wash. -- A closed jewelry store has Colville police looking for the owners and the former customers demanding answers.

Customers said they took wedding rings to Winfield Jewelers for repairs earlier this summer. However, when customers went to pick up their jewelry the store had mysteriously closed and the owners were gone.

One of those concerned customers contacted 2 On Your Side for help.

On Friday, customers said weeks have turned into months and still there priceless possessions are gone.

In late May, Aileen Bresnahan and her husband Roger took their cherished wedding rings into Winfield Jewelers for repairs. She had the ring more than 60 years. 

Bresnahan said the store workers claimed the ring would be ready in two weeks. When Bresnahan called to ask about the progress, she found that the store’s phone had been disconnected. They tried returning to the store, which had mysteriously closed with the owners seemingly disappearing.

“I probably went once a week for a long time,” said Bresnahan. “Probably 8,10 times or more. Nobody’s there.”

She said there has been no contact with the store’s owner since mid-June as well. Bresnahan was not the only alleged victim. Another family claimed to have lost an heirloom that is more than 100 years old.

Police have received multiple reports from frustrated customers and are actively investigating these allegations against Winfield Jewelers.

KREM 2 News also went to the store in August and found two pieces of paper taped to the door. One paper reads “We are at a jeweler’s conference. See you on the 15th.” The lights were off and the display cases were bare. The other paper was a foreclosure notice on the door.

The building’s former owner said the owners of Winfield’s were several months behind in payments to him. He said he is now trying to repossess the building. The former owner also has not been able to contact the former jewelry store managers for weeks.

The Colville Police Chief declined to comment on the investigation.