Spokane father with Leukemia won't give up hope




Posted on October 24, 2013 at 7:15 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 24 at 1:39 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A little more than a month ago, doctors told 31-year-old father and husband Joey McClure he had leukemia.  Now, McClure’s family is putting on a united front against cancer - and they say they won’t stop until the leukemia is gone.

“They gave me a bunch of options at first,” Joey recalled about the diagnosis. “They said it could be leukemia. It could be aids. It could be hepatitis.  They threw out all sorts of things.”

Joey’s aggressive form of leukemia has kept him in a hospital bed for more than a month.  Walking into McClure’s hospital room, though, the sound you’re most likely to hear is laughter.

“If you're not [laughing], it's almost like you're saying you’re throwing in the towel,” Joey said.

Joey said the laughter helps him keep the faith he’ll beat cancer.  Doctors said there is a 75 percent chance the leukemia will take his life.

“There’s never a reason to throw in the towel,” Joey added.

Joey’s family members have sat by his side for two rounds of chemotherapy, and now they're hoping to help with financial support.
They created a campaign, Dollars for Daddy, to help with the medical bills for a brother, father, and son who always puts them first.  The money raised could help Joey’s long road ahead.  If he gets the green light, McClure would be considered for a bone marrow transplant operation in Seattle. 

Joey is holding out hope the long road will lead him back to his wife and children.

“I have to beat this.”

To donate to Dollars for Daddy, click here.