Portland woman OK with getting dumped by Prince on TV


by Jeff Thompson, KGW.com Staff


Posted on March 8, 2014 at 11:27 AM

Updated Saturday, Mar 8 at 11:40 AM

PORTLAND – A Portland woman handled it well when her boyfriend dumped her on national TV, with the help of superstar Prince.

Keegan Teinowitz said Thursday night she’s a huge Prince fan and all she could think when she heard his voice on the phone was, “Don’t freak out.”

She and her boyfriend Steven love Prince and even had their first date at one of his concerts a year ago. So when Steven called her earlier this week to say he was going to The Arsenio Hall Show and would have something to tell her on the air, she was a bit worried.

But not about getting dumped.

She told KGW she was actually afraid the conversation would go the other way.

“I was really nervous he was going to propose or something,” she said.

Instead Prince told her, “This is what it sounds like when Steven dumps you.

Keegan didn’t freak out. She she said she couldn’t be sad about it, because Prince was breaking the news. She mentioned that she had already started seeing an ex, anyway.

And then she took the opportunity to ask Prince if he was available.

Both parties said there were no hard feelings. The third party mediator, Prince, said he unfortunately is not available at the moment.

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KGW reporter Reggie Aqui contributed to this report.