McKenna and Inslee make final campaign push



Posted on November 1, 2012 at 8:16 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 1 at 8:21 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. - Republican candidate for governor, Rob McKenna, was in town Thursday on his final stop to the region just five days before Election Day and as polls show him closer than ever with Democrat Jay Inslee.

“No one should be assuming anything about how this election is going to turn out,” said McKenna. “We’re certainly not.”

McKenna was at a Downtown Spokane rally for several GOP candidates on the ballot this Tuesday. The event was a joint rally for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers and the attorney general. They both emphasized the importance of strong turnout for Eastern Washington.

Congressman Inslee visited an event building support for Referendum 74 Wednesday night on the west side of the state. People gathered to make calls asking for support of the ballot issue hoping to uphold same-sex marriage in Washington.

“There’s overlap from all kinds of issues,” said Inslee. “I think people know that for a long time I’ve believed in a state that is forward thinking.”

A new poll out by KREM 2’s sister station in Seattle shows the race at a virtual tie. It was conducted over several days through Wednesday and made up of 555 likely voters.

Inslee leads slightly with 47 percent, compared to McKenna’s 46 percent. The difference with in the 4.2 percent margin of error.

Two weeks ago, Inslee lead by three points instead of one. He was up by five percent a month ago.
As both candidates travel across the state to convince any undecided voters, they are trying to clarify any positions that may hold supporters back.

The attorney general was asked on Thursday about his support from members of the Tea Party and the charge by one political ad that he, and that group, are not moderate.

“The Tea Party is one of a number of grass roots activists,” said McKenna. “[They] have been calling for a number of reductions in the deficits that Jay Inslee helped create.”

Inslee also tried to refute a TV commercial on Wednesday claiming he had a conflict of interest in past legislation. The advertisement claims he advocated for policies benefiting the solar energy industry after investing in a company within that field.

“I think anyone that knows me will understand that that’s a bunch of malarkey,” Inslee responded. “And the reason is, is I believe in all forms of clean energy.”

Another TV station in Seattle also released a poll on Thursday. It showed the candidates two to three points a part and within its margin of error.