Jitterz Java owner hopes new security will stop robberies


by KREM.com


Posted on March 17, 2014 at 7:35 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 17 at 7:41 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--Police were investigating another attempted robbery at a North Spokane coffee stand on Monday. Sunday was the third time thieves targeted the business. The owner believes the same person is responsible for all three hits.

The crooks got away with several hundred dollars in cash during the first two robberies. That is when the owner of Jitterz Java decided to install a security bar in the window so it could not be forced open. She said she thinks that made all the difference when a thief showed up again Sunday night.

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“He grabbed the window and tried to slam it open,” said owner Sara Chapel.

The thief never got in on Sunday.

“The stick stopped it, so he put his face in between the window and the frame and said, ‘knock, knock’,” said Chapel.

The young barista working at the time told police she thought she saw the man holding a gun. She grabbed her own firearm and called 911. That suspect got away empty handed.

Chapel hopes that Sunday night’s attempted robbery is the last time it will happen.

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Chapel said she had made sweeping changes since the business’ first robbery. She said she added the security bar, armed her employees and improved other safety measures.

We're getting new locks on the windows, and there's talks of a bulletproof tinting to go over the windows. Pretty much just making sure these guys will not get anything from us,” said Chapel.  “I never thought a coffee stand would have to arm themselves, but I think it's important that baristas are taking a stand now.”

Chapel said she compared security footage from the first two hits to the last one and believes the same suspect is responsible. She said he is more brazen each time, hitting even during busy times of the night.
Spokane police said if you have any information to help solve the crime to call Crime Stoppers at (509) 327-5111.