Toddler born without arms gets special visit from 3-time Ironman



Posted on July 14, 2013 at 7:22 PM

Updated Sunday, Jul 14 at 7:41 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A local toddler born without arms got the visit of a life-time when Hector Picard arrived in town on Saturday.

The double-amputee and three-time Iron Man athlete rode his bike into town on Saturday afternoon and paid a visit to 15-month old Jameson Davis.

Picard heard Davis' story about six months ago and was compelled to help raise money to get the boy prosthetic limbs.

"We can't even wrap out minds around what he's doing. It's incredible." said Jameson's mother Brooke.

"My second goal," Picard said," was to show you that anything is possible."

The athlete rode his bike from Florida to Spokane for the last month to raise the money necessary.

"It was tough," Picard said. "It was tough."

Davis' family and friends gathered Saturday afternoon to give Picard a hero's welcome.

"An incredible journey," Picard said, adding, "well worth it. . . . I found myself happy on the bike and crying on the bike."

Everybody went to a restaurant later in the afternoon for an auction. They are still raising money.

"I want to open up his hopes and dreams to do crazy and big things," Picard said.

"Thanks man," said Jim Davis, Jameson's father. "We appreciate you so much."