Northeast Youth Center employee killed in Trent wreck



Posted on August 8, 2013 at 7:03 PM

Updated Monday, Sep 23 at 2:59 PM

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.-- KREM 2 News is told the victim in a deadly Wednesday night crash along Trent and Sargent  was a young woman who loved working with children.

Small tributes to Brittany Babinksi are already at the scene of the crash just a day later. There are flowers on a stop sign and a message that reads, “hug your families” on a reader board nearby.

There are many messages from the kids missing her tonight.

"I will have that image in my head forever of her carrying this one child around that had the closest connection with her,” Kate Zehner Green, Northeast Youth Center, said.

Babinksi started at the Northeast Youth Center in April.

"Some kids have taken it a lot harder than others, some of them were very very close with her,” said.

Babinski went to high school in Spokane Valley and her Facebook pages says she attended Central Washington University.

Babinksi worked with a lot of nine to 12 year-old kids at the youth center. Those children made cards and notes addressed to her.  

"Dear Lord, I ask you to take care of Brittany, the one leader who loved the little kids, we all feel so mad, sad,” Green read.

Staff say many of those kids became close with her even though she had only worked at the center for four months.
The kids came up with the idea to write the messages on their own.

 "Brittany, you're the most carrying and loving person I've ever met, you mean a lot and I will never forget you,” Green read.

The Northeast Youth Center plans to remember Brittany with a memorial. They are looking into a playground or some other tribute for her at the center.