Tips help locate stolen Travel-On RV motorcycles



Posted on July 25, 2014 at 6:30 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Staff at Travel-On RV recovered three of their stolen motorcycles shortly after KREM 2 on Your Side did a story on a strange motorcycle ring. 

Police believe former employees used their knowledge of the store to come back and burglarize them after working a few shifts.

The business owner, Rob Schrader, said the thieves disabled the camera system and took four motorcycles, costing $25,000. 

Staff at Travel-On RV said after KREM 2 on Your Side’s story ran, they were bombarded with tips about where their stolen bike was located.

A woman who saw the bike abandoned near her store called it in. She did not even realize it was stolen but said something about it did not seem right.

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“We are just ecstatic about having the bike back,” said Rob Schrader of Travel-On RV.

It was something they were ready to give up on until KREM 2 on Your Side’s story ran. Text messages, phone calls, and Facebook messages all flooded into the store.

Staff said they were overwhelmed by the response from KREM viewers and the authorities.

The bike is in good condition and all it needs is an $85 key.

One suspect has been arrested in the case. Police are still searching for a second suspect.