RAW: Suspected drunk driver leads police chase with children in car


by KREM.com


Posted on August 18, 2012 at 10:50 AM

This suspected drunk driver reached 115 miles-per-hour at one point as he fled from police.

Robert Hills later admitted he was afraid of what might happen, because he has a criminal record.
Here he is getting pulled over the first time -- and there he goes, ready to lead the Utah Highway Patrol on a wild chase through Summit County.

As you can see, the van speeds through construction areas and traffic without much hesitation.

You can see on the trooper's dash just how fast they were going.

Troopers called off the chase at least once for safety reasons, but they re-engaged and spiked the van's tires.

As it turns out, Hills' wife and four kids had been along for the ride.

WOMAN: "Please don't hurt my kids."
TROOPER: "We're not going to hurt your kids, ma'am."
WOMAN: "I love you guys! Jasmine! Jasmine!"
TROOPER: "What was going on today, man?  Where you guys headed?"
MAN: "California."
TROOPER: "What part?"
MAN: "Hollywood."
TROOPER: "Not too smart to run too much when you have your four kids are in the car, right?  You could've rolled or blow that spare tire, man."

The Utah Highway Patrol says they decided to stop Hills -- despite the speed -- because they were afraid he might hurt somebody if he continued down the road.