Records request details SPD officer's relationship with prostitute



Posted on October 15, 2013 at 8:11 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A recently released public records request revealed additional details about why a Spokane police officer was placed on leave for 60 days.

Charges were dropped against a convicted felon earlier this year because one of the Spokane Police Officers on the case was under investigation himself.

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Officer Darrell Quarles admitted to having an inappropriate relationship. The relationship Quarles admitted to was with a woman using meth, arrested for prostitution and under investigation for burglary at a pawn shop according to the public records.
Officer Quarles admitted in a police hearing in July that he was guilty of having a relationship with someone violating state laws. He also admitted to using a law enforcement database to search the burglary case the woman was involved in according to the public records request.

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“I understand how serious this is and how my actions have definitely, definitely blemished the police department,” said Officer Quarles during the hearing in July.

Quarles said he started dating the woman in November of 2012 and stayed in contact with her until April of 2013, even after he learned about her prostitution, meth use and burglary.
Police Chief Frank Straub led the hearing in July and decided he would suspend Quarles for 60 days without pay. He also decided Quarles would sign a last chance agreement that would put him on probation for year. If Quarles were to violate that agreement he would be fired.

SPD leaders said they thought it was inappropriate to tell KREM 2 News the details about the investigation back in May.

The prosecuting attorney for Spokane County told KREM 2 the charges against the felon were dropped because the Spokane Police Department did not want to reveal why Officer Quarles was being investigated.