Hawk Road fix comes for stranded neighbors near Davenport




Posted on March 8, 2014 at 8:59 AM

Updated Saturday, Mar 8 at 11:13 AM

LINCOLN COUNTY, Wash -- Help arrived Friday for local homeowners after flood waters washed out the main road to Davenport this week.

The water level and flow dropped considerably over the past couple days, giving road crews a chance to make much needed repairs to Hawk Creek Ranch Road.

Flood waters inundated a culvert near town early Thursday morning, cutting several people off from the roadway.

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Hawk Creek Ranch Rd is the only public road to and from Lisa Thompson’s home, along with the homes of three other families.

“The water was over the roadway.  It was pretty deep and it was going pretty fast,” said Thompson.
All of that pressure and force washed out the road way that runs over the creek, taking the culvert with it downstream.
“My husband heard a big old crash,” she added.
Thompson alerted Lincoln County about the wash-out soon after it happened.

On Friday, crews put one of two sections of the culvert back in along with a temporary road.

The fix was an emergency repair job.  The Public Works department planned to rebuild the road and reattach the other culvert section at a later date.