Officer & young boy save Washougal man's life


by Mike Benner, KGW

Posted on October 14, 2010 at 2:33 PM

WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- An eight-year-old boy and a reserve police officer were being credited with saving a Washougal man's life. 

James Walker was eating some steak when he suddenly started to choke.

"I couldn't say nothing and my wife was freaking out," said Walker.

"I tried to do the Heimlich Maneuver a couple of times," said Sheri Walker, James' wife.  "I told Trevor to get a phone, call 911, he couldn't find a phone."

Trevor is Sheri Walker's 8-year-old son and James' stepson.  Realizing the magnitude of the situation, Trevor ran outside and found reserve officer James Powers.  Powers happened to be executing a search warrant for the Washougal Police Department at the very same apartment complex.

"He was crying, very emotional," said Powers.  "It took a second to process what he was trying to spit out."

Powers got another officer to take over his post and he ran to Walker's apartment. When he got there, Walker was on the floor and having trouble breathing.

"Basically I came up behind him, wrapped my hands and made a fist, and abdominal thrusts up and in," added Powers.

And it worked. It cleared Walker's airway and he was okay.

The reserve officer knew exactly what to do because he doubles as a lead paramedic with American Medical Response.

"You could not script anything better than that," said Powers.  "It was his day."

"Everything happened perfect for a reason," added Walker.  "I guess the cops were here for more than one reason."

And who can forget 8-year-old Trevor, who proved to be calm beyond his years.

"I think he did a really good job," said Sheri.  "I'm proud of him."

After helping save Walker, Powers returned to the home where that search warrant was being executed.  He helped nab drugs, drug paraphernalia, and money.