No marijuana retail applications filed in unincorporated Spokane Co.



Posted on December 11, 2013 at 10:16 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 11 at 10:20 PM

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash.--No one has applied for a retail license in the unincorporated parts of Spokane County one week before the deadline to apply for the marijuana license.
County staff said there was a lot of interest in learning about applying for a marijuana license before the process started. They said people may not be able to meet all of the requirements to get a license with one week to go.

People in Washington State have applied for producer, processor and retail marijuana licenses since November. Hundreds registered for a workshop in Spokane in October.

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There have not been many applications for licenses in the City of Spokane, City of Spokane Valley and the rest of the county.

Interest is especially low for retail licenses. The county has not received one single application for unincorporated areas.

"I'm surprised that there's not more licenses, given the level of interest we did see before the license application period started," said John Pederson with Spokane County.

All of Spokane County, including both major cities, can only have 18 retail applications.

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Interest outside City limits has been for producing or processing marijuana. Maps show there is much more potential room to do that.

"So far so good, we've seen a fair number of applications, I have had a total of 12 applications," said Pederson.

The maps also show few spots for a retail license in the unincorportated parts of the county. Staff said there is more work to qualify.

"Just the licensing itself and all the many variables that come in on the licensing process," said Pederson.

The County temporarily changed one of its rules on marijuana so that people will be able to produce and process indoors at the same spot in some locations.

Staff said some people are probably waiting until the last minute to get their applications in.

"I'd certainly expect more to come. So far it's been about six per week so I'd anticipate more coming in as long as the license period is open," said Pederson.

The state Liquor Control Board is taking applications for all three types of licenses until December 20.